Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Power Cuts and No Running Water Cause Concern

Residents in Nettleham, Welton and Scampton were without a water supply for several hours last night, with intermittent power cuts also affecting the area, the Lincolnshire Echo reports. 

Anglian Water informed residents that the cuts, which struck local villages around six o'clock last night, following a brief interruption in the power supply, were caused by a pump that had failed in the area.

Mrs. Karen Falloon, noticed the cuts when she returned from work in Lincoln. She said:
“I got back from work and I noticed that the phone had reset.
“My husband then told me that the power had cut for five minutes. An hour after the cut I noticed that the cold water had stopped running, and it didn’t start until eleven thirty.”
“It can cause sanitary issues. Almost half of Nettleham’s residents are retired people, which is the biggest problem.”
Another local, described how she got into a bath of scolding water, due to being unaware that she was without cold water. She said: 
“I suffer from a bad back so I usually have a warm bath in the evening. 
“Last night I took my pills and there was no cold water, I didn’t realise until I got in. It was also a lot of water that’s gone to waste.”
She praised Anglian Water for providing advice and contacting affected residents in the area to inform them of the problem. She added:
“I received a call from Anglian Water to say that the cause was a broken pump and that it would be back by 11.30pm. 
“Anglian Water were very good in dealing with it. I checked with my next door neighbour and they were also contacted.”
West Lindsey District Councillor, Cllr. Giles McNeill said:
“Since the developments in the area, there have been a few power cuts. You’d expect the infrastructure to be more resilient. 
“I don’t want it to have to happen again as it is quite worrying when you don’t have a running supply of water for a few hours. 
“I represent a lot of the elderly and the vulnerable in the village and to be without power and water can cause great anxiety. We need our utilities to be resilient, robust and reliable.”

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