Saturday, 2 May 2015

Lib Dem District Councillor Defects to Labour

Councillor Mark Binns, who was elected in a by-election in mid February 2013 as a Liberal Democrat, has choosen to defect to the Labour Party in the final few days of campaigning before the General and Local Elections - which will see him retire as a District Councillor.

Above: Labour Parliamentary Candidate for
Gainsborough, David Prescott, with Cllr. Mark
Binns (Gainsborough East Ward).
Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Gainsborough, David Prescott, said he was:
"Proud to welcome West Lindsey Lib Dem Councillor Mark Binns to the Labour Party."
Leader of the Labour Group on West Lindsey District Council, Cllr. Nigel Bowler (Gainsborough North) confirmed his defection simply saying:
"Yes he has."
Liberal Democrat Agent, Cllr. David Cotton (Saxilby), said:
"Mark Binns has had a leave of absence and is not standing for the District Council. I am not aware that anyone knew or had any prior knowledge of his moving to Labour.
"To be honest I think this is a non event and if the best that [Labour] can achieve in a defection it's not a great story or event."
However Cllr. Binns came in for criticism from a number of sources, noting his alleged poor health, his track record of attendance at both Gainsborough Town and West Lindsey District Councils since his election had been exceptionally low.

However, Cllr. Michael Tinker, a former Liberal Democrat standing for re-election without description in the Gainsborough East Ward, defended Cllr. Binns, saying:
"He may not have attedned many meetings but has been an active worker for democract in the community over the years, and he was one of the few people, along side myself, to actively campaign, and attend an inquiry, at Nottingham, to have a chemist pharmacy open on Queensway. He also has represented many tenants of Acis Housing Association."

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