Friday, 5 June 2015

Neighbourhood Plan Sets Out Aspirations for the Future of Nettleham

Residents in Nettleham have officially submitted its Neighbourhood Plan to West Lindsey District Council.

The much anticipated plan which has taken three years to create sets out the future housing requirements as well as identifying sites suitable for development.

It’s the first in West Lindsey to consider environmental impact and to allocate sites accordingly. Environmental specialists who live and work within the community were also consulted.

John Evans, chair of the Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee thanked the committee for working hard on the plan and said it felt fantastic to hand it the district council. He said:
“The overall theme of the plan makes sure any new developments fit with the character of Nettleham. People in the village are very passionate about the place they live and we’ve been very impressed with the response.”
The committee has included policies about open space, design, affordable housing and infrastructure.

Key recommendations include:
  • That a green wedge of land between the village and Lincoln remains,
  • Development is of a sustainable nature 
  • A number of small developments are in place in order to gradually integrate newcomers
West Lindsey will now look at the plan before sending it on to an independent inspector to be examined. Once the plan is adopted it will form part of the planning consideration for the village when determining future planning applications.

Now it’s time for residents to have their say on the plan.

West Lindsey District Cllr Giles McNeill, who represents Nettleham praised those that people that have dedicated their time to the plan. He added:
“Now is the time for residents, particularly those who don’t necessarily live in Nettleham, perhaps in neighbouring parishes, to have their say.”
There are currently nine neighbourhood plans underway in West Lindsey. The district council is encouraging other communities to get involved in the process.

Neighbourhood plan champion at the district council, Cllr Steve England said:
“Neighbourhood Plans are extremely important and it’s great to see West Lindsey support them.
“There’s been ideas shared with the Welton Neighbourhood plan alongside this work and this collaboration has made sure of its success. It’s also had the support of the Department for Communities and Local Government which is ideal in progressing plans forward.”
The Nettleham Neighbourhood Plan will be available for public comment from Friday 5th June until Friday 17th July 2015. If people wish make comments on the proposed plan, then they can by visiting and searching for Neighbourhood Plans.  Alternatively, they can email for a copy of the document and response form.

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